The Asparagus Revolution

Experiments in connection


Thanks for dropping by! I'm Millie, writer, social scientist, drinker of tea, wiper of tears, thrower of frisbees and passionate, both practically and theoretically, about community.

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by how community works and functions. In 2006 I completed my Honours degree at the Australian National University, where I looked at the experiences of parents and children on the Walking School Bus.

In 2014 I graduated with a PhD from the University of Tasmania. My thesis All give and no take: Social change, suburban life and the possibilities of sharing in Australia explored the attitudes and practises of people in Melbourne regarding sharing and community.

Currently I work as a Research Fellow at the University of Tasmania evaluating an energy efficiency and thermal comfort program Get Bill Smart. And, when the work is available I also teach university students about the social and political aspects of climate change and sustainability.

I am an active member of several community organisations and am currently the Chair of Source Community Wholefoods in Hobart, Tasmania.

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