Challenge One: Ask a neighbour for a cup of sugar


In interviews with people about community, it is really common to hear people nostalgically refer back to 'the good old days' when mum and dad would send them across the road to ask a neighbour for a cup of sugar. This image of 1950s domestic bliss seems to often emerge when I talk with people about sharing and community building.

Indeed everyone I spoke with about sharing explained how much they'd love for a neighbour to ask them for a cup of sugar. Yet none of the people I spoke with felt comfortable being the ones doing the asking.

(c) Millie Rooney
The cup of sugar challenge is the first challenge that I personally did, and it sparked the idea of monthly challenges. I've written about my experiences doing this challenge over on my blog.

Interestingly, this is a challenge I have already done and yet I still feel awkward about asking an unknown neighbour. Given this fear I still have, I've decided to make this the first community challenge.

The cup of sugar challenge is about making yourself vulnerable and asking for something.

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Let me know if you've taken up the challenge and how you go!